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A moving story

As a family we are really proud of our heritage and the contribution that we have made to our local community since the 1830’s. We know the importance of reflecting on the past but equally we understand that it is necessary to look forward and embrace change.

We have relatives in Australia who frequently visit us in Cornwall and in 2023 Keren (Née Ugalde) and Rod Webber from Carrickalinga (Just south of Adelaide) made the trip and as always brought us up to date with our family tree. They presented us with a book that they have written journaling their research into finding Josef Ignacio Abrisquieta Ugalde a shipping merchant who originated from the Basque Country. The book illustrates their travels to the basque country looking for the family estate where our family records show we originated from.

It was his son John Ignatius who started Ugalde and Son in 1887. John died in 1899 and was buried in St Martin’s churchyard, Liskeard.

We think sometime in the 1950’s his headstone was moved along with several others for reasons unknown and so we never knew exactly where John Ignatius was actually buried as there are no records. This was something that was pointed out every time we had a visit from our Australian cousins.

So after our meeting with Keren and Rod we decided to see if we could move the headstone to the grave of John Ignatius’s Son’s grave Alfred John.

We approached the church office to see if this was a possibility and explained our reasons. Luckily they agreed to support us so we commissioned Paul Stacey from HG Stacey Ltd

Work was started in October 2023 to relocate the headstone and we are pleased to say as family that the result is absolutely wonderful.

Although we didn’t know our great great grandad we are incredibly proud to be able to look back at our journey and appreciate just how much we as a family were accepted here back in the 1830’s and  have  been able to be part of the local community which we consider an honour to serve.

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